10 Breakthrough Messages Within Acts 27 For Those in a Storm


I flipped open my Bible to Acts 27. I read it twice and found myself amazed. This chapter is insightful for those who are going through a storm. This chapter gave me hope. After reading commentaries and watching sermons on this chapter, I discovered 10 messages that are beautifully embedded in this chapter. I wanted to share the beautiful messages that Acts 27 left on my heart.

First, let’s get to the context of what’s happening in Acts 27:
Book: Acts
The book of Acts is all about how the believers of Jesus Christ are empowered by the Holy Spirit to preach the good news to both Gentiles and Jews. It’s the book about how the early church was established. Most scholars date this book to A.D. 70.
Chapter: 27. This Chapter is about Paul sailing to Rome. The journey is full of unexpected hardships and a beautiful miracle. In a short summary, there was a storm, hopelessness, shipwreck, and then a miracle. It is filled with applicable lessons for today.
Verse: 13-44 The storm at Sea. Paul and other prisoners get caught in a storm at sea. There were long days of no sun nor stars. There were days with no food, and the hearts of these men were hopeless. There is a shipwreck. Miraculously, all men were brought safely to land. (v 44)

10 Breakthrough Messages Within Acts 27 For Those in a Storm

1. Storms don’t make you, they reveal who you are.

In life, there will always be some sort of storm. Instead of letting the circumstance change you, be firm with who you are in all circumstances. In Acts 27, Paul stood true to himself even when life around was messy, unpredictable, and hard. Paul’s faith did not waver, he trusted God. This is a wonderful example to live by.

2. Don’t jump ship in the middle of the storm.

In Acts 27, all the people on board probably wanted to jump ship. They probably had all the excuses they could think of at the tip of their tongue. But, they didn’t. When things get hard, don’t abandon your duty. If you abandoned ship every time something was difficult in life, there wouldn’t be any growth in your life.

3. There will always be seasons of difficulty in your life. Choose to have a godly mindset instead of an “every man for himself” mindset.

When things get hard, people tend to think of themselves. God tells us that even when things are hard, we are supposed to count others more important than ourselves. (Phil.2:3) This is the time to draw near to Jesus, love others, trust God, and understand that your life is not your own. Your life is God’s.

4. Get rid of any false security. Paul and the others got rid of the lifeboat, what’s your lifeboat that you need to surrender? (v 16-20)

In Acts 27, instead of saving themselves and using the lifeboat for their own good and safety they threw it overboard. They surrendered what they thought was going to save them from their situation and trusted God.

5. The person who can point people to the Lord in a storm is a great encouragement.

Paul encouraged the prisoners during a horrible storm.(v 21-23) Be that person, especially in the storm.

6. Storms show us what has true value in life.

Jesus teaches us to set our minds not on earthly things but on heavenly things. At the end of the day, it’s our relationship with God that matters most in life. Remember this.

7. In storms, we depend on God alone and that is beautiful.

In Acts 27, Paul and the others depended on God alone. In the storms of our life, we must lean on the One who calms the storms.

8. We have a human responsibility to Gods sovereignty.

Faith without works is dead. We have to steward all that God has given us. “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. (ESV Matt 7:7) Faith is a verb and an action. In Acts 27, Paul responded to Gods plan by encouraging all those on board, and not abandoning his duty.

9. We are safe in Gods hands. No matter what the situation is, this truth remains. Our confidence, hope, and security are in God alone.

In verse 44, it says “and the rest on planks or on pieces of the ship. And so it was that all were brought safely to land.” After a hard storm and a shipwreck, Paul and all the others on board were brought to safety. What a miracle.

10. Even though your situation may look like it will have it a certain unwanted outcome, it is not what it seems. God is working things out in the midst of the pain and trial. Keep the faith and hold on to Jesus.

Paul along with everyone else on board thought they were going to die. But God had a different plan.

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I encourage you to read Acts 27 for yourself. I hope this post blessed and encouraged you.

Grace and Peace!


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