Podcast 1: Delighting in the Lord, Thinking on Things that are True

Hello Family!

I’ve been gone for a while, thinking of new ideas for my website. I have decided to do a blog/podcast/blog/podcast format every month. I have my first podcast up! It’s on “Delighting in the Lord and Thinking on Things that are True.”


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Click Here to View My First Podcast!

Here are my 4 steps that help me delight in the Lord.

  1.  Deny myself- I first do this so I can give my full attention to God.
  2. Become grateful- I start thanking God for every blessing in my life. It helps me stay present, humble, hopeful, and aware of all that God has and is already doing in my life.
  3. Highlight and Read His Word- I take notes because I enjoy it. It helps me process information better. It also helps me focus and meditate on His Word.
  4. Be Still- I enjoy His presense. I listen. I enjoy the peace. I settle my heart.

The book I mentioned in the podcast you can get here:


The other podcast that I mentioned in this podcast is listed below.


This woman is amazing by the way, make sure to check her out.


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