50 Tips For a New and Young Wife!

50 Tips For a New and Young Wife!

1. Own it. Girl, you got married young. Own it with confidence.

2. Understand that men and woman are just different. We are made differently.

3. Things take time. Getting used to living together will take time. Getting used to each others habits will take time.

4. Know your skills. I happen to prefer and enjoy cleaning. So James and I trade on cooking.

5. The feedback is nuts for young marriage. Learn to block out the haters. People are either going to accept you for you, even with your choices, or walk away. Trust that your marriage is in Gods hands.

6. Pray for your husband everyday. It can just be a simple prayer. But still do it. My favorite time to pray is when I’m driving. I don’t know why, but it’s just so peaceful.

7. Make a serious effort and habit to spend time together. When your young, you will most likely both have to work, so time is precious. And when it’s a habit, it’s almost unshakable.

8. Simple acts of kindness. Water before bed. Making sure he has towels for the shower. Folding his shirts the way he perfers. These little acts of kindness show appreciation and love. And let’s be real, it’s totally cute too.

9. Put Jesus First. Make sure you don’t loose sight of this habit.

10. Pray about everything.

11. Learn the POWER of holding your tongue. It’s massively powerful. Try it.

12. Make sure you both understand what giving each other grace really means. It sounds silly. But there are usually a lot of expectations after marriage. And mistakes are always made and lessons always learned. Be understanding towards each other. Be forgiving. Condemnation always makes things worse.

13. Have a phone free zone.

14. Learn how each other receives love.

15. Understand love isn’t a feeling but and action. 1 Cor 13

16. Walk, Stretch, or Join a gym. Just do something for yourself. Exercise is good for you.

17. Establish a 100% trust rule. You married him, so trust Him. Having trust issues causes massive fights and sows discord.

18. Welcome to becoming selfless. To serve is to love.

19. Marriage is a gift.

20. Things will get hard. But thats all the more reason to be thankful. Love endures all things.

21. Be honest about everything.

22. Journal. A lot.

23. Have a team mindset. Other than a you verse me.

24. Set goals for yourself, marriage, and work.

25. I don’t think birth control is a sin, and I know of a lot of pastors who think the same. If your not ready for kids, don’t let the pressure of others create a fear in you.

26. Because your married young, I say start seriously considering kids in 5 years. That means talk about kids in 5 years.

27. Establish a savings.

28. The dream house usually won’t happen right away. Be patient. Trust God.

29. Take lots of pictures! I wish we took more together at first!

30. If you’re on a tight budget, you don’t need to hire a photographer for holiday photos. Order a tri pod off of Amazon for your iPhone with a button and your set. Print them out at target. Done.

31. Amazon prime is a YES. It saves money all year round and is worth it because you also get instant videos.

32. Establish your budget. 10% give 20% save 70% expenses is a good rule.

33. Say no to credit cards if you truly want to start saving for a house. Build up your credit. But don’t use credit cards just because.

34. Make time for yourself. Read. Rest. Write. Groom. Dance. Run. Paint.

35. Pinterest. If you don’t have, get it.

36. Invest in healthy cleaning products now. Life gets busy, and harsh chemicals are very hazardous to our health. Simple changes now will be beneficial for later. Young Living has a great cleaning line made with essential oils.

37. Now that your married, you will have less free time. Just know that.

38. Establish short term goals for every part of your life.

39. Print your photos and put them in your room.

40. Don’t let the statistics scare you. Did you know the that statistics for pastors’ marriages and young marriages are about the same? Trust God. Don’t worry.

41. Know your boundaries. And don’t let people cross them. I recommend the book, “Boundaries: When to Say Yes, How to Say No to Take Control of Your Life” by Henry Cloud, John Pearson, John R. Townsend, and John Townsend.

42. You are your own family now. Remember that. Husband and wife.

43. Keep your teeth whitened with activated charcoal teeth products. It doesn’t have to costs hundreds of dollars.

44. Did you know Starbucks sells their coffee by the half gallon? (At the grocery store) If you don’t want to make your coffee and just want to drink it cold and ready, then I highly recommend! I only can drink coffee cold. Don’t ask.

45. You will be hanging out friends a lot less.

46. Have a date night jar and put 20$ from every pay check in it.

47. Enjoy each other.

48. Always keep things spicy. 😉

49. Never go to bed angry.

50. Always say I love you to your spouse everyday.

Grace and peace!


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