10 Reasons Why I am Starting a Blog, and more…

We all have a voice. 

Instead of hiding, I am choosing to shine. 

I am, like so many others, an introvert. I choose to spend most of my time alone. I enjoy reading about so many topics and listening to various podcasts. I also like turning my bedroom into my dwelling place. I have my bed made to perfection with candles lit to set the perfect environment. I enjoy the stillness and the various birds that sing outside my window.


I isolate myself. It’s an unhealthy yet comfortable thing for me to do.  

I am a Christian. And my latest conviction has compelled me to be productive with the all the time that God has granted me. The latest sermon at church emphasized that time is of great value and as Christians, we are responsible for how we invest it. (Matthew 25:14-30) We are but a mist here on Earth.

We are but a mist…

We are on a trajectory in this world. I believe, as scripture parallels, this world keeps getting darker and darker. However, God’s kingdom keeps getting bigger and brighter. And a beacon of Christ’s light, I feel a moral obligation to carry His great light and peace into this world that desperately needs it.

With all that being said, it’s time to face my fears. Head-on.

God has given me an outlet, gifts, resources, and a testimony that I pray can help others in whatever they are facing in life.  Instead of spending my time on things that are not profitable, I am choosing to invest it. I am going to invest in books, writing, blogging, and in growing in my relationship with the Lord. I figure that creating a blog is a great way to be productive, serve, learn, and engage with fellow members of Christ’s church.

I am starting a blog because:

  1.  It’s making me uncomfortable in the best way possible. I’m stepping out in faith. Sharing the voice that God gave me for His glory. I fear God, not man. 

  2. It will make me more productive. 

  3. To Share Scripture.

  4. To write free devotionals and share them here. 

  5. To Connect. 

  6. To Learn.

  7. To Testify. 

  8. To capture my life and share what God is doing with it. 

  9. It’s a good investment.

  10. I want to share Jesus. 


To capture.

So why Found 72?

That is a wonderful question! It has a lot to do with my testimony how Jesus redeemed my life from death to life. To keep it simple, Psalms 72 was the first passage of scripture that I read after becoming a new creation in Christ Jesus. Specifically, verses 12-14. And I quote,

” 12 He will rescue the poor when they cry to him; he will help the oppressed, who have no one to defend them. 13 He feels pity for the weak and the needy, and he will rescue them. 14 He will redeem them from the oppression and violence for their lives are precious to him.” Teen Life Application Study Bible Nlt Black Celtic Cross. (2014). Tyndale House Pub.

God met me where I was at, and accepted all of who I was. He then adopted me and made me new. This Psalm is about justice. It is about redemption. It is also about the heart of God. I believe God has called me to be a Social Worker. To serve and help others. More specifically, to help those who have suffered the deep pains and agony that the horrible crime of human trafficking has brought to people. I want to end human trafficking. I would like Found 72 to love and minister to the people in need just like Jesus does. I want Found 72 to encompass God’s passion for justice,  God’s redemption, and God’s love for the lost and hurting. I want Found 72 to testify to the transforming power that is in Christ Jesus.

Today I am planting a seed. God, please use this for Your glory.


Today I am planting a seed.

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